Success Stories

Bianca Williams

“At MTC, you aren’t just a student ID number. You save so much money and the instructors really care....They prioritize paying it forward, and now I get to do the same.”


One thing is for sure: Bianca Williams is a role model for success. Her accomplishments as the founder of her own law firm and nonprofit reflect it, and her work to improve the lives of others is only just beginning.



比安卡高中毕业,搬到南车olina. There, she enrolled at Midlands Technical College where she was very active as a student ambassador and the President of Phi Theta Kappa. Her time at MTC culminated with her earning both an Associate in Arts degree with Honors and a Paralegal Associate Degree. She noted MTC as the launchpad for her future endeavors.

“At MTC, you aren’t just a student ID number. You save so much money and the instructors really care. You’re taught by professionals invested in the curriculum that they’re teaching. They prioritize paying it forward, and now I get to do the same.”

Taking the knowledge, resources, and connections gained at MTC, Bianca went on to earn a Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree from the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina. She later followed up with a law degree from North Carolina Central University where she graduatedMagna Cum Laude

快进到2020年夏天,比安卡named the Law Related Education (LRE) Lawyer of the Year by the South Carolina Bar Association. The award stemmed from her work as a coach for the Mock Trial Program at Blythewood High School. Despite coming in with limited mock trial experience, her dedication to getting the best out of students and their impressive performances did not go unnoticed. The students gravitated toward her teachings and passion as a leader, and they formed a special bond with Bianca.


Bianca Williamsat her law firm AFFC Law, LLC.

Recognizing her special connection with the students and seeing their newfound interest in the legal system reminded her of the bigger plan she had brewing.

Bianca used her education, personal experiences, and desire to help the next generation as inspiration to create her own nonprofit,Premature Millionaires。非营利性的目的是为制度促进和老化的儿童提供金融,情感,精神和指导资源。


Bianca也是创始人AFFC Law Firm, LLC位于格林维尔,SC,她的实践区包括房地产规划,破产,遗嘱,监护,遗嘱,信托等。She was also recently appointed by South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster to the Foster Care Review Board. As a member of the board, she is able to affect decisions that will positively impact foster children. Her board status also allows her to serve as a judge in the Mock Trials as opposed to her former role as a coach. She has spoken at various events and made a guest appearance onThe Forgotten Initiative Podcast谈论她的非营利组织万博app。


“If I could do it all over again, I would. I would send my kids here. I truly believe in the college’s saying ‘You Can Get Anywhere from Here.’ I went on to become a licensed attorney, launched a nonprofit, and I now teach in the Paralegal Program at MTC.”